3″ Julie Goodnight Diamond Tooled Flank Cinch

3″ Julie Goodnight Diamond Tooled Flank Cinch


Julie Goodnight – Double Ply 3” – Diamond tooled – stainless steel

#0803-1104 Regular Oil
#0803-1101 Walnut
#0803-1118 Black

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Circle Y Saddles, Inc, America’s Leading Saddle Brand, is proud to have internationally renowned clinician and trainer Julie Goodnight to its Team Of Champions. The Julie Goodnight and Circle Y partnership brings horse owners quality products and superior knowledge in saddles and their use. The original Flex2® saddles by Circle Y provide Goodnight, and her many fans, better fit and comfort for both horse and rider.

The flank cinch provides stability to the saddle and should be snug (not tight) against the horse.

A rule of thumb is to be able to slip two fingers between the flank and the horse at the apex of the belly. It should not be loose or hang below the horse’s belly – a loose flank cinch is a danger to horse and rider.

Always use the connecting strap between the front and rear cinches to position the flank cinch properly and prevent it from becoming a ”bucking strap”.

Matches saddles 1750, 1751, 1752
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Matching headstall 0269-12
Matching breast collar 4259-11
Matching breast collar 4280-11