OK Brand Premium Baler Wire

OK Brand Premium Baler Wire

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OK Brand Premium Baler Wire is manufactured from the highest quality 14.5 gauge annealed wire and meets ASAE standards. Baler Wire is packaged in rolls of minimum 6,500 linear feet. OK Brand Premium Baler Wire is built for dependability, from the quality of the wire to the strength of the box. A well-maintained level winding system and high grade lubricants allow for a tangle-free payoff and rust resistant wire. Banded with a nylon tape and the starting end marked, this quality wire is placed in a specially designed wax-coated box. The wax-coating prevents the wire’s lubricant from bleeding through, which helps maintain the box’s structural shape and durability. A perforated center knock-out is placed and sized for optimum payoff. The box dimensions are designed to accommodate most balers.

Item # Product Approximate Weight QTY Per Box
0606-8 14.5-Ga. - 6,500’ 100 lbs 1

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