447 Contour Swayback Pad – 32” x 32” x 1”

447 Contour Swayback Pad – 32” x 32” x 1”

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#447 – 32″ x 32″ x 1″

This pad is designed to assist in fitting a saddle to a horse who experiences bridging across their back because of a lower than typical curve. Did you know a swaybacked horse can be young and underdeveloped, short coupled, or an older horse? The gap between the horse’s back and the saddle is filled in with this pad to create a better fit and level the saddle from front to rear in all voids. The Tacky Too® bottom offers a non-slip material that is ventilated, deceptively tough and durable which helps reduce sore backs and saddle roll.

RX Corrective for Maximum Back Relief: All of our Corrective pads are handcrafted in Cleveland,Tenn. Our unique construction methods allow for our pads to be engineered for maximum back relief. They have USA Hi-Tech fibers so the inside of your saddle pad is just as reliable as the outside.

Available in MicroSuede, Herculon, and Matrix Herculon colors.

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