Sharon Camarillo Sure Fit Orthopedic

Sharon Camarillo Sure Fit Orthopedic

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#325–T – Tacky-Too® bottom
#325–F – Fleece bottom

29″ x 35″ x 1″ Traditional Cut

Sure Fit Orthopedic Pad – Hollow Wither / Shoulder Fill Correction

The Sure Fit Orthopedic pad features an additional 1/2″ of breathable padding to fill in a hollow wither pocket for a better saddle fit. The free shoulder design allows freedom of movement for comfort and length of stride. Along with a contoured spine and loin relief, these key features provide for a more comfortable saddle fit for the best performance from your horse. Tacky-Too® is a soft, non-slip material that is  ventilated, pressure distributing, shock absorbing, and deceptively tough and durable. Fleece is plush comfort comfort against the horse.

Available in these durable tops: MicroSuede, Herculon, and Matrix Herculon colors.

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