Square Cutback/Built-up Pad

Square Cutback/Built-up Pad

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#237– – 32″ x 32″ x 1″

All American Basic Comfort: All of our All-American pads are hand crafted in Yoakum, Texas. Our unique construction methods allow for our pads to be engineered for ultimate performance. They have USA Hi-Tech fibers so the inside of your saddle pad is just as reliable as the outside.

If your horse has a pronounced wither, or if you just want to free this area up, the CUT BACK pad is for you. In this design we have removed the area that usually rides over top the wither allowing it to rise freely into the gullet of the saddle. Your horse is free to move naturally and be more comfortable under saddle. If your horse is narrow in the shoulder, the 237– proven cut back pad has an additional 1 inch of comfortable material just below the cut back to build the shoulder up and increase contact with the saddle.  The fleece bottom is plush comfort against the horse.

Available in MicroSuede and Herculon colors. 

Saddle Pad Colors:
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