Square Pad – Tacky Too

Square Pad – Tacky Too

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#236–T – 32″ x 32″ x 1″ Tacky-Too® bottom

All American Basic Comfort: All of our All-American pads are hand crafted in Cleveland,Tenn. Our unique construction methods allow for our pads to be engineered for ultimate performance. They have USA Hi-Tech fibers so the inside of your saddle pad is just as reliable as the outside.

These are a great choice for an everyday use pad. Choose from fleece bottom for plush comfort against the horse, or Tacky-Too® bottom that is a soft, non-slip material that is well ventilated, pressure distributing, shock absorbing, and deceptively tough and durable. It will not pull or collect the horse’s hair, or trap heat and sweat. Low maintenance, easy to clean and quick drying. Inside is comfort felt to absorb shock.

Available in MicroSuede, Herculon, and Matrix Herculon colors.

Saddle Pad Colors:
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