Ultimate Performance Pads

Ultimate Performance Pads


#518–F #518–T – 34″ x 36″ x 1″ Square

Champion Ultimate Performance Pads: Over Engineered for Maximum Peformance

These Reinsman Ultimate Performance pads are constructed with a top layer of hand woven Navajo blankets made of the highest quality wool available.  We use a 3/4″ orthopedic memory felt as filler with your choice of Tacky Too® or fleece bottom against your horse. Its superior durability is enhanced with the full length oil tanned wear leathers which result in less cracking and drying out.

Why we love WOOL:
Wool fleece is the only material in the world naturally grown by mammals to regulate their own body temperature in all weathers and climates. The fiber works in manufactured products much like it works for the sheep. It decreases moisture on the inside by transferring it to the outside away from the animal where it can be evaporated. In saddle pads, this movement creates airflow and lowers humidity promoting hours of cool comfortable riding. It auto-regulates to an individual body temperature, and is extremely resistant to dirt, sweat and grime. Wool provides excellent shock protection, is quick drying after use, and wool conforms to the horse’s back resulting in less slippage.

Fleece bottom is plush comfort against your horse. Tacky-Too® bottom that is a soft, non-slip material that is well ventilated, pressure distributing, shock absorbing, and deceptively tough and durable.

Blanket Color:
Pad Bottom:
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