ErgoBalance™ Hooded Trail Glide™ Stirrups

ErgoBalance™ Hooded Trail Glide™ Stirrups


#0242- ErgoBalance™ Hooded Trail Glide™ Stirrups

ErgoBalance™ design; same as the 240 Standard Trail Glides™ but with leather hoods. Available in Black, Brown, or Golden. Specify neck size: 1 ½”, 2 ½”, or 3”. Back of the base to front of hood inside: 7 ½”

The ErgoBalance™ Stirrup helps keep rider’s foot flat in the stirrup; the large end of the cone goes towards the horse.

Tucker created the ErgoBalance™ stirrup design to add even more comfort features to your saddle. What makes these stirrups so great is the angled cone which helps keep a rider balanced in the the saddle and decreases knee and ankle fatigue. We’ve added this comfort feature to almost all Tucker stirrups, including our distinctive TRAIL GLIDE™ stirrups. Trail Glides™ are made of durable light-weight anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel hardware. They have a comfortable, thick sponge rubber foot cushion, which helps to reduce fatigue in rider’s knees and ankles. Available for all types of fenders or English stirrup leathers. Base is 5” wide, 4” deep. Sold in pairs.

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