The Science

Scientific research indicates that to reduce the overall feral hog populations, it is necessary to reduce the identifiable population by at least 70% on an annual basis. This seemingly high percentage is due to female feral hogs' ability to produce multiple litters of piglets each year.

Capture More with Less Effort 

The BoarBuster™ system consistently demonstrates an ability to capture 88% of the identifiable hog population in a given area compared to a capture rate of approximately 49% for conventional trapping methods. This is due to the suspended design and the ability for the user to deploy the trap when a full sounder is within the trap area.

Designed for Hog Behavior

The BoarBuster™ system's design enables feral hogs to enter the trap from any direction without crossing a trap threshold or navigating around the perimeter panels associated with traditional corral traps. This design reduces, if not eliminates, an animal's trap -shy behavior commonly found with traditional corral traps. Baiting periods can be significantly reduced because hogs adjust to the BoarBuster™ system more quickly than to traditional traps.

*Wild Hog fact: Soun-der (noun): A group of wild hogs, typically containing around 20 to 30 animals. In a typical sounder there are two or three sows and their offspring.



The Technology

BoarBuster™ can be observed and dropped remotely from anywhere with Internet service, is mobile so you can take the trap to the hogs and easily set up within 30 minutes, and has an integrated load-out door to easily remove hogs from the trap.

BB_Icons_24-7 Alerts.png

24/7 Alerts:

Hog motion alerts sent directly to your phone.

BB_Icons_Live Video.png

Live Video:

View video from your trap on your phone or computer.

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Cellular access on both AT&T and Verizon networks.

BB_Icons_Deploy Trap.png

Deploy Trap:

Deploy your trap with one button on your smart phone.

BB_Icons_See in the dark.png

See in the Dark:

Specially designed low light camera system.

BB_Icons_Trap Design.png

Trap Design:

Suspended trap allows hogs to enter from any direction.

Notification of Trap Activity

The BoarBuster™ system uses motion sensors to monitor the trap site and notifies the user by text/email with a high definition image when activity is occurring. This allows users to continue with their everyday activities without dedicating hours to monitoring the BoarBuster™ system.

Live Streaming Video — Right to Your Phone!

The BoarBuster™ system incorporates a state-of-the-art camera system specifically designed with enhanced field of vision and superior contrast for around-the-clock functionality. Live streaming video is delivered right to your smartphone or computer, with no lag time and no special mobile devices required.

Set the Trap When You're Ready

The user determines the perfect time to deploy the trap. Using your smartphone or computer the user deploys the trap with the touch of a button allowing for the maximum number of hogs to be trapped, preventing the trapping of unwanted animals and tending to trapped hogs when convenient. 




  • Completely Suspended Trap System

  • Text/Email Notification of Activity

  • Real-Time Video

  • Remote Trap Deployment

  • Portable

  • Easy to Assemble and Reset



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