BoarBuster FAQs

How will the trap be shipped?

Depending on where you are located, we will provide you with the closest dealer to your location or we will ship your trap to you via Less Than Truckload (LTL) carrier. There may be some components of the trap and camera systems that are shipped separately to you via UPS or FedEx.

Do I have to switch my cellphone to AT&T or buy an AT&T phone?

No. The camera uses a built-in cellphone, which does operate on AT&T or Verizon networks, to connect to the Internet. The camera can then send messages and send live stream video via the Internet to your smartphone or other device. As long as you can view a video on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop system, you can use the service. The location where you place the trap needs access to the AT&T or Verizon cellular network.

Can I haul the trap in my truck?

Yes. The panels are curved and between 9-10 feet long. They will fit in the back of a pickup and there is a picture here to demonstrate this.

Is there a warranty on the camera and trap?

There is a one-year warranty on the camera and a one-year warranty on the trap.

How big is the trap?

The trap is 18 feet in diameter. You will want to place the camera approximately 20 feet from the outside edge of the trap.

Do I have to sign a contract for the camera/phone?

No, however there is a monthly charge while the camera is active. (This reasonable charge will not be more than $70.) You can turn the service on and off on a monthly basis. There is no fee during the times when the service is turned off.

What do you do with the hogs?

We encourage people to harvest the meat as wild game or donate the meat to a charitable organization like Hunters for the Hungry.

What is it made of?

The trap is manufactured with certified #1, 1 ½-inch round, 14-gauge high tensile steel.

W-W Livestock Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of the BoarBuster.