Electric Number Branders - Set of 3

Electric Number Branders - Set of 3


This L & H Number Set consists of three irons. 

  • 1st brander has the numbers: 1,  2,  3
  • 2nd brander has the numbers:  4,  5,  6
  • 3rd brander has the numbers:  7,  8,  0

**Note: By inverting the number six on the 2nd brander, the number nine can be made. 

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L & H Manufacturing Company, originator of the tubular electric brander, continues to lead the industry by being the first to develop a convenient and permanent way of numbering livestock for production testing. Because branding elicits a permanent mark, the L & H Number Set is in popular demand throughout the country. Universities, Extension Services, Livestock Associations and Cattlemen have been using these sets for many years with complete satisfaction. The L & H Number Set consists of three complete and individual irons. The first brander has the numbers one, two & three; the second has the numbers four, five & six; the third has the numbers seven, eight & zero. By inverting the six the number nine can be made. All numbers on the brander are hot at the same time and are offset so each can be applied separately. Only a few minutes of your time is needed to make a brand that will stay with the animal for a lifetime. Number sets are available with the numbers side by side or numbers one above the other in a vertical position.

Item #: 0400, 0400V, 0401, 0401V, 0402, 0402V, 0403, 0403V, 0404, 0404V