Step by Step Fence Building | How to Build a Fence

01 Plan your Fence

Planning your fence thoroughly is the easiest way to ensure that your fencing project goes as smoothy and economically as possible.


High Tensile Fixed-Knot Fence
Planning & Installation Guide
Using Wood Braces

02 Gather the right tools

Having the right tools makes fence building easier and faster. We recommend using two stretcher bars and pulling the wire to the center. Splicing is much easier using a multi-crimp tool and sleeves.

03 Lay out the fence line and set posts

Clear the fence line. Set the end posts. Pull a guide wire between the end posts. Set the 2nd end brace post. Set the line posts.


04 Build the Braces

Set the brace pins into the post. Put the brace wire around the brace. Attach an in-line strainer to the brace wire. Tighten the brace wire.


05 Tie the Wire to the end brace

See our pre-stripped fence roll. We show you the recommended Hi-Tensile knot you should use on our website.


06 Tension the fence

Tension the fence wire by pulling it to the center of the fence using stretcher bars and stretcher bar pullers.


07 Splice the fence

Splice the fence using a crimping tool and crimp sleeves.


08 Trim out the fence

Staple the fence wire to the fence posts. Attach post clips.


09 Finish

Your new Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot fence is ready for action.


Three essentials for a good Fence:

  • Get professional guidance
  • Buy quality materials
  • Build according to the manufacturer's recommendations


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