The 4 Most Popular Cattle Squeeze Chute Designs

Whether yours is a one-man show or a full-service outfit, it’s no secret that running the daily operation on your ranch or farm is a demanding job. But there are ways to make your daily labor easier and less time consuming. When you have the most reliable and efficient equipment in the industry, you greatly reduce the stress on your livestock, and therefore on yourself.

Because cattle squeeze chutes are among some of the most important equipment you’ll own, we’ve come up with the most popular designs in the industry to suit the unique needs of your farm or ranch.


Scissor-Movement Chute

If you’re servicing a mixed herd of livestock and will need to make frequent head adjustments, you’ll want to be able to do that quickly and efficiently, without constantly slowing down for manual adjustment. Because a scissor-movement chute doesn’t require adjustment, it’s a smart option for ranchers or farmers who will be working with a mixed herd.

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

In this type of cattle squeeze chute, hydraulic movement controls the tail gate, head gate, squeeze, and even head restraint. This innovative technology makes controlling livestock as safe and efficient as possible, keeping your herd secure yet calm during handling or veterinary procedures.

A hydraulic chute is a wise option for any operation that involves 250 cattle or more. But it’s not just meant for commercial or industrial needs. If you’re often the only person in charge of your livestock, a hydraulic cattle squeeze chute may be the best equipment to help ease your workload. That’s because the automatic nature of a hydraulic chute enables you to work for hours without the typical fatigue that comes from a day working with stubborn cattle.

Mobile Cattle Chute

Do you need to have the option of easily moving your livestock from one pasture to another? If your squeeze chute doesn’t require a permanent location, a wheel kit is the best option for transporting it from place to place. Just make sure to disassemble and reattach the wheel kit before actually purchasing a new chute to test its ease of operation.

Manual Livestock Chute

For years, farmers and ranchers worldwide have relied on the heavy-duty build of a traditional manual squeeze chute. With vertical sides that provide easy movement and comfortable positioning, removable side boards (for milking and footwork), and detachable wing gates that increase entrance size to improve safety, a manual chute has been a tried-and-true staple of the industry. Of course, hydraulic add-ons are still available for many manual chutes. Upgrade with a bolt-on squeeze, calf wing, headsweep, or hydraulic head gate kit if you prefer a manual chute with versatility.

Although all squeeze chutes are designed with the same intention in mind, the specific needs of your farm or ranch operation will call for a unique chute. Choosing the right chute means improved functionality and ease of use, which translates into a more efficient workday and a calmer herd. At Farm Ranch Store, we’re proud to offer squeeze chutes from leading industry names such as Powder River, Priefert, and WW Manufacturing — so you can feel confident that you’re getting the safest and most durable equipment on the market.

Richard WahlbergComment