Can You Use Cattle Panels for Other Kinds of Livestock

You already know that your animals require a safe environment to live, and that there are two characteristics of a reliable and secure panel and fencing system for your farm or ranch. First, your panels need to include a physical barrier that is rugged enough to prevent even your toughest livestock from escaping. Second, the panels need to contain a visual barrier — which acts as a psychological boundary — to prevent your animals from trying to butt the fence or escape.

 So when it comes time to set up your new farm or ranch with livestock panels, or replace some old panels for the sake of safety and performance, what’s the best type of panel to choose? You might think it’s easier to buy one type of panel — cattle fence panels, for example — to suit the needs of all your animals. But is it really the best choice for your livestock? Can you use cattle panels for your pigs, horses, and sheep?

If you’re wondering what types of panels to choose for your farm or ranch, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to need to know about cattle panels for your livestock.


Which Panels Should You Use for Your Livestock?

When you’re shopping for supplies for your farm or ranch, you’ll notice that livestock panels come manufactured specifically for certain animals — for example, cattle panels, sheep panels, swine panels, etc. There’s a good reason for this. While the primary goal of a cattle panel fence is to keep animals safe and contained from escape, injury, or attack, each animal has its own fencing needs. This is especially true for animals that are smaller than horses or cattle. Panels for sheep, goats, and pigs are shorter with much more narrow slats, which prevents their heads or limbs getting stuck.

If you choose the wrong type of panel for your livestock — say, cattle panels for your sheep, goats, or pigs — you would run the risk of your animals becoming trapped or injured, or even escaping from your farm or ranch entirely.

Panels Designed for Sheep, Goats, and Hogs

Designed for smaller livestock, these panels are ideal for shorter animals, because they greatly reduce the risk of injury. This also prevents predators from being able to enter their territory. Because these panels are designed with vertical slats, they lack the foothold that livestock use on horizontal-slat panels to rear themselves up. This results in a panel that is much more secure for smaller animals, both for their own safety and to prevent them from escaping. Check here for small livestock panels available in various lengths for a customized setup.

Besides ensuring that you choose the correct panels for your specific animals, you’ll also want to make sure that your panels will accommodate their behavior, such as these rough stock panels for the toughest livestock.

Choosing the right panels for your livestock doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Farm Ranch Store, we’re proud to offer you the top-quality products available on the farm and ranch market today from leading suppliers. When you shop with us, you can count on well-built equipment that your farm or ranch can rely on for years to come.

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