3 Tips for Choosing the Right Roping Chute

Choosing arena accessories is one of the last (and we’d argue most important) steps in building your own riding arena. When it comes to arena accessories, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from, offered by many different suppliers. If you’re using your arena for roping practice, then you’ll want to make sure you have the right roping chute.


Here are three things you need to consider when choosing the best roping chute for your arena.

1. Know your types of chutes.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of chute you want to add to your arena. Here’s an overview of the types of roping chutes and their benefits:


Manual chutes are the most common type of chute. These are the least expensive option, but they will require an operator to manage the chute. Some manual chutes are operated from the ground, while others are operated from atop the chute. The Priefert manual roping chute allows you to operate from either the ground or horseback.


Typically air powered, automatic chutes are operated by remote control. These chutes don’t require an operator and are often operated by the ropers on horseback, eliminating the need for additional chute help. A quality automatic chute will offer a delay option that allows the roper to press the release button and still have time to get ready before the gate opens. The Priefert automatic roping chute features a total automation setting that uses infrared lasers to detect the steers and automatically opens and closes the back gate after each leaves.


Solar-powered roping chutes offer automatic front gate release, but they don’t require electricity. These chutes are powered by batteries that are charged by a small solar panel on the equipment. Solar-powered chutes are front gate release only, so an operator will still be needed to manually close the front gate and load the next steer.

2. Look for the features you need.

When looking at a roping chute for sale, you’ll also want to consider what features it offers. At the very least, the calf roping chute should be safe and free from sharp edges that can hurt the steers or horses. The Priefert roping chute is designed with this in mind, as the chute is sheeted to help reduce the possibility of leg injuries.

Another important feature is quiet operation. Choose a roping chute that operates quietly and has subtle opening mechanisms. Loud sounds or big movements during operation of the chute can distract or startle your horse. The Priefert roping chute is engineered to be as quiet as possible. Using a unique braking system to control the front gate release, the Priefert chute is able to virtually eliminate noise that can be prevalent with this type of equipment, allowing your horse to be queued from the rider’s command and not the sound of the gates.

Additionally, you’ll want to look for a roping chute that’s durable. This type of equipment is used frequently and takes a lot of abuse. Purchase a chute from a brand that is known for quality and durability so that you can save yourself the time, money, and hassle of constantly having to fix it. Priefert is known for its quality, durable products. In fact, their roping chutes are the official chute of the PRCA, National Finals Rodeo, NTRL, and many other major roping organizations and events. WW and Powder River also offer quality, durable roping chutes.

3. Practice with the same chute you compete with.

Another factor that you may want to take into consideration when deciding which roping chute is best for your arena is what type of chute is used in the arena that you normally compete in. Using the same type and brand of chute in your arena that you use at events will help you practice with timing and sounds at home in the same type of chute.

Using the same type and brand of chute in your arena can also benefit you when it comes time to compete. Being familiar with the calf roping chute through practice in your home arena can make all the difference when it comes to competition. You’ll most likely find that it’s easier to get out of the box in a timely manner without penalty.

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